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Тип публикации: патент

Год издания: 2019

Аннотация: The invention relates to the field of aviation, and specifically to aircraft?structures. The present hybrid aircraft comprises an aerostat with a?rigid frame, ballonets with helium, a suspension system, and a bearing platform?with a cargo/passenger cabin. The cabin includes controls, engines, electrical?equipment and measurement devices. The aerostat is composed of two envelopes?connected by a cylindrical hinge and provided with affixing elements, controlling?the rotation of which allows for changing and securing the aerostat in the form of a?wing or in the form of an A-shape with an opened fairing. The suspension system?includes rigid and flexible connections and is capable of being transformed and se-?cured. The engines arc installed with the ability to change the direction of thrust?vectors by 360° in a vertical plane, and of being secured. The stationing and?securing of the device in a stable position can be carried out on a sloped solid?ground surface, on a water surface, or on a vertical structure. In the event of?stationing on a sloped surface, the bearing platform is secured to anchois, and the?aerostat envelopes rotate downward until they come into contact with the surface.?In the event of stationing on water, the envelopes arc rotated downward until a?portion thereof is submerged in the water. In the event of stationing on a vertical?structure, mooring hooks are additionally installed on an end of a front envelope,?said hooks securing to anchors.

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