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Formation of approaches to the value added distribution in industrial clusters : доклад, тезисы доклада

Тип публикации: доклад, тезисы доклада, статья из сборника материалов конференций

Конференция: International Scientific-Practical Conference on Quality Management and Reliability of Technical Systems 2019; St. Petersburg; St. Petersburg

Год издания: 2019

Идентификатор DOI: 10.1088/1757-899X/666/1/012049

Аннотация: The problem of formation and development of the system of relations between partner companies in industrial clusters on the basis of determining the value chain as an indicator of its current performance and potential development opportunities in the future. The key prerequisites for the emergence of the problem were the emerging trends in the activation of the processes of integration interaction of companies within the created network structures. The peculiarities of their coordination mechanisms, power distribution and value extraction influence the market positioning of each company and the network as a whole. They also determine the direction of their strategic development. From these positions, there is a need to create an analytical database for each company belonging to the cluster or their "portfolio", in order to make subsequent strategic decisions on the expansion of the cluster through new participants, the development of existing or even non-cooperation. The study identified the entire list of tasks related to the formation and management of the portfolio, however, the emphasis is on the diagnosis of the partner network, which offers the design of the portfolio of the cluster. The specificity of the industrial cluster in which there is always a leading company or a key link of partner companies that manage the value chain of each member of the cluster through the supply of raw materials or intermediate products, indirectly affecting the resource base of their development. The portfolio approach allows to distribute all participants of the cluster according to their contribution to the creation of added value of the cluster, to assess their own resources to support current activities and innovative development in the future, and to determine the feasibility of redistribution of added value at the expense of other members of the cluster and the leading company. The portfolio approach at the same time provides a basis for assessing the value of products manufactured by the cluster companies at the created or added value relative to the raw materials used by them. Comparing them with the prospects of market development improves the quality of decisions on structuring the portfolio of cluster members. The approach adopted in the study makes it possible to expand the understanding of the interaction of cluster members in the value chain, creating a methodological basis for the formation of a portfolio and access to the adoption of a whole complex of strategic decisions. Applied aspects of the research are considered on the materials of the industrial cluster "Technological valley" organized on the basis of JSC "RUSAL". The theoretical and methodological basis of the study was the works of domestic and foreign scientists in different fields of knowledge from marketing, Economics, organizational theory to strategic management. The study used methods of comparative statistical analysis and expert assessments.

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Журнал: IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering

Выпуск журнала: 666

Номера страниц: 012049

Издатель: IOP Publishing Ltd


  • Filimonenko I.V. (Department of Marketing)
  • Moskvina A.V. (Department of Economics and Business Process Management)
  • Likhacheva T.P. (Department of Economics and Business Process Management)
  • Kharitonova M.Y. (Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology)

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