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Healthy lifestyle cultivation and psychomotor progress model for elementary school : научное издание

Тип публикации: статья из журнала

Год издания: 2020

Ключевые слова: healthy lifestyle, school students, physical education, psychomotor skills, competences, abilities

Аннотация: In the setting of a busy and fast paced life of modern society, the problem of formation of health values in the younger generation, especially at an early age, during the first years of study and growing up, is of particular importance. Objective of the study was to determine how significant the values of a healthy lifestyle are for elementary school students in the process of physical education. The study was conducted at the premises of Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University named after V.P. Astafyev, Municipal Educational Institution Lyceum No. 2 and a number of other educational institutions of Krasnoyarsk. A total of 1096 elementary school students took part in the educational experiment. The structure and content of recreational activities that contribute to the formation of healthy lifestyle skills and improvement of psychomotor competence of elementary schoolchildren consisted of recreational measures focused on the prevention and correction of health disorders, prevention of colds, especially in dangerous periods of the year. The Control Group subjects were trained according to the traditional physical education program; while the Experimental Group subjects - using the techniques of mastering of health-improving components of physical education process based on the author's works. The attention of the school students and teachers was constantly directed to activity, process, rather than the final result or a qualifying standard. The three-year educational experiment revealed a significant advantage of the Experimental Group school students over their peers from the Control Group in terms of the levels of physical and psychomotor development and mastery of healthy lifestyle skills in younger school students.

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Журнал: Theory and Practice of Physical Culture

Выпуск журнала: 5

Номера страниц: 3

ISSN журнала: 24094234

Место издания: Москва

Издатель: Научно-издательский центр "Теория и практика физической культуры и спорта"


  • Markov K.K. (National Research Irkutsk State Technical University)
  • Kudryavtsev M.D. (Siberian State University of Science and Technology n.a. Academician M.F. Reshetnev)
  • Lmpetova T.D. (Lyceum No. 2)

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