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Biophysics of the surface film of aquatic ecosystems

Год издания: 1997

Аннотация: The surface film of water (the laminar layer about 0.5 mm thick and the intermediate layer about 5 mm thick) is regarded as a 'bottleneck' for heat and mass exchange between the atmosphere and natural water bodies. The dependence of the surface film temperature on air and water temperature and humidity under laboratory conditions is described. As demonstrated, replacing a 'warm' by?a 'cold' surface film results in the oxygen transfer rate increasing by 8%. The surface film of natural water bodies is inhabited by specific neuston organisms. The freshwater zooneuston of large Siberian reservoirs is described, and their general similarity with the marine neuston of the Sea of Japan is shown.The statement is made that there are two ways in which the biota influence the?properties of surface films: 1. mechanical - by providing turbulence in the laminar layer by the swimming action of small zooneuston organisms; and 2. chemical - by the influence of biogenic surfactants on the water film. Experimental evidence of the biotic influence is demonstrated.

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Журнал: The Sea Surface and Global Change

Номера страниц: 321-338

Место издания: Cambridge

Издатель: Cambridge University Press


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