Content-Analysis of the Basic Normative Legal Documents, Providing Realization of the State Cultural Policy (Federal and Regional Aspects)

Перевод названия: Контент-анализ основных нормативных правовых документов, обеспечивающих реализацию государственной культурной политики (федеральный и региональный аспекты)

Тип публикации: статья из журнала

Год издания: 2011

Ключевые слова: content-analysis, normative legal documents, cultural processes, organization of culture, cultural policy, контент-анализ, нормативные правовые документы, культурные процессы, организации культуры, культурная политика

Аннотация: During recent years, content-analysis has been enriched by modern technical and software techniques, and it has given it an opportunity to be based on all the vast spectrum of knowledge of the formalized statistic analysis. Moreover, the article underlines that in the modern situation one can observe a certain tendency of content-analysis application as one of the main methods of philosophical-culturological researches. It indicates to a special significance of the results, which have been obtained in the course of this method application. To the mind of the author of the article and from the position of philosophy of culture, the choice of normative-legal documents of the subjects of the Siberian Federal District as an object of our contentanalysis has been caused by the strategic meaning of this administrative-territorial formation for the country in general - it is a region, which has a median position in the Russian Federation, what allows it providing economical, transport and social-cultural connection of the whole territory of the country. It means that population of the Siberian Federal District fulfills a most important geopolitical function - the population keeps territorial integrity of Russia just by the fact of its existence. In order to reveal not only regional but also federal aspect of the state cultural policy, in the given article we perform a content analysis of Russian Federation Law № 3612-1 dated 09.10.1992 «Fundamental Principles of Legislation of the Russian Federation on Culture». In conclusion, we come to the following that philosophical-culturological aspects, being included in conceptual documents concerning realization of the state cultural policy, do not correspond the existing terminology and content of the basic normative legal documents as on the regional level, so on the federal one.

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Журнал: Журнал Сибирского федерального университета. Серия: Гуманитарные науки

Выпуск журнала: Т. 4, 3

Номера страниц: 342-362

ISSN журнала: 19971370

Место издания: Красноярск

Издатель: Федеральное государственное автономное образовательное учреждение высшего образования Сибирский федеральный университет


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