Testing of Practice-oriented Undergraduate Program in a Networking of Higher and Secondary Education, Siberian Federal University and Lesosobirsk Teacher Training Institute as Examples

Тип публикации: статья из журнала

Год издания: 2015

Ключевые слова: modernization of teacher education, basic professional educational program, educational module, teacher activity, professional competence, networking, educational outcomes, educational technology, professional teaching standard (in pre-school education), Federal State Education Standard of Pre-school Education

Аннотация: Targeted Program for the Development of Education in 2011-2015). Main attention is paid to the analysis of the development of student competencies according to Federal State Education Standard of "Psycho-pedagogical Education" training direction for bachelor students focused on the performance in accordance with the pre-school teacher professional standard. For this purpose, we compared the data obtained during final certification of modules that have already been tested, and computer testing conducted by the resource center for support projects on modernization of teacher education in Moscow State University of Psychology & Education. We identified problem issues and particular errors that may be debatable among professionals. Authors outlines promising ways to improve the modules of the basic professional educational program on the basis of proposals made by subcontracting universities.

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Выпуск журнала: Vol. 20, Is. 5

Номера страниц: 108-116

ISSN журнала: 18142052

Место издания: MOSCOW



  • Smolyaninova O.G. (Siberian Fed Univ, Inst Educ Psychol & Sociol, Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
  • Korshunova V.V. (Siberian Fed Univ, Inst Educ Psychol & Sociol, Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
  • Kolokolnikova Z.U. (Siberian Fed Univ, Lesosobirsk Teacher Training Inst Branch, LPI Branch, Lesosibirsk, Russia)

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