A Brief Overview and Studies Analysis Focus on the Methods of ?Monitoring the Functional Status of Athletes Practicing Martial Arts

Тип публикации: статья из журнала

Год издания: 2019

Ключевые слова: MARTIAL arts, special endurance of athletes, training load, electrocardiogram (ECG), adaptation, biochemical parameters, scientific data, structural analysis

Аннотация: Study aim. Modern competitive activity imposes significant requirements of the functional readiness level of martial arts athletes. Moreover, informative and objective monitoring methods should be used for a qualitative assessment of the functional status of martial artists. At the same time, a single position on determining the most effective methods for monitoring the functional status of athletes practicing martial arts has not been developed by scientists. It was revealed that different specialists use various methods of monitoring and assessing the functional state of martial artists. Indeed, the purpose of the research is a structural analysis of scientific research focuses on the methods of monitoring the functional status of athletes practicing martial arts carried out by scientists from Russia and several CIS countries. Methods. Information search was carried out in scientific databases: SCOPUS, Web of Science, PubMed, Google Scholar, Crossref, eLIBRARY. Fortunately, searches included the words: functional training of athletes, martial arts, adaptation, monitoring, control. The recommendations of the PRISMA-P protocol were used to work with the data. Accordingly, the following criteria were taken into account when analyzing the data: achieving the goal of research, availability of sufficient number of studied athletes, availability of informative tests and measurements, statistical data analysis, age of documents not older than 8 years. Results. There are 136 documents matching your search criteria. Besides, there are submitted documents: 124 articles and 12 PhD thesis. Furthermore, the most of the scientific papers (107 documents) are publications in Russian oriented to the Russian-speaking category of readers. Most of the documents (127 studies) contain data on the assessment of the functional state of martial artists using various methods. Besides, a number of studies (9 scientific papers) in addition to monitoring the functional status of athletes contain data on the restoration of the functional status of martial art wrestlers using various methods. The duration of studies had been from 1-2 days to 2 years. Moreover, the age of the studied athletes was from 6 to 30 years old. Sports practice of athletes: freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, judo, sambo, combat sambo, mixed martial arts (MMA), taekwondo, boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai. However, there are objective and subjective methods for monitoring the functional status of athletes in the documents. Also, Russian scientists use hemodynamic and biochemical methods, use special fitness tests and conduct a comprehensive functional diagnosis of athletes. Conclusions. Many monitoring methods of the functional state of martial artists (biochemical, physiological, special fitness tests) used by the Russian scientists are relevant and welcomed by the foreign experts. Some research methods limitations of biochemical indicators of the athletes' body's response to the load was revealed. The views focus on the methods of analyzing the data of heart rate variability of athletes are different evaluating their response to stress. A lack of monitoring data of the functional status of young athletes where athletes age is over 30 years old, girls and women practicing martial arts has been discovered. The research priority of the Russian scientists is young elite athletes reaching the age 17-22 years old, candidates and members of the national teams of the Russian Federation in various types of martial arts. An analysis of the documents has showed that Russian scientists are not using enough data from studies of foreign colleagues. The number of current references to the studies of foreign scientists in the literature is small. The lack of modern scientific data can have a negative impact on the quality of studies of the functional status of athletes practicing martial arts in the Russian Federation.

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Журнал: International Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology

Выпуск журнала: Т.8, 2.1

Номера страниц: 735-745

ISSN журнала: 23223537


  • Osipov Aleksander (The Siberian Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affair of Russia, Russia)
  • Kudryavtsev Mikhail (The Siberian Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affair of Russia, Russia)
  • Zhavner Tatyana (Siberian Federal University, Russia.)
  • Antamoshkin Oleslav (Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University, Russia)
  • Sitnichuk Sergey (Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University, Russia)

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