Algorithm of supporting future social workers in pedagogical and psychological aspects

Тип публикации: статья из журнала

Год издания: 2018

Аннотация: Introduction. The paper deals with the issue of supporting future social workers in psychological and pedagogical aspects. The key structural constituents of students' professional and personal development include cognitive, motive-based, value-oriented, communicative, social-perceptive and will-emotional fields of people's activity. Study methodology. Improvement of professional skills required for social workers is a persistent mental struggle for one's inner development and implementation of his/her creative abilities, along with integrity and evolution from "thing-in-itself" to "better-and-beyond". Results of the study. The factor which is needed to provide a future specialist with conditions for professional development is the possibility to fulfill one's potential within areas of certainty and uncertainty. These psychological zones enable us to choose the scenarios of specialists' professional development by activating students' motivation. It is more productive when they interact to achieve common goals within the multi-aspect creative activity, which is important for each participant. Discussion. It is proved that the major constituents of the proposed algorithm of professional improvement of the future social worker are the following: the analysis and perfection of the structural elements of professionalism with regard to level indicators; taking into consideration pedagogical and psychological factors contributing to successful evolution of these elements; favouring the desire to fulfill one's creative and other potential including communication and self-control skills. Conclusion. The author's pedagogical and psychological model provides for productive usage of the continuity principle, since it reflects the specificity of the "given development area" with additional attention to the "proximal progress area".

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Журнал: Espacios

Выпуск журнала: Т.39, 35

Номера страниц: 23-23

ISSN журнала: 07981015

Издатель: Sociacion de Profesionales y Tecnicos del CONICIT


  • Adolf V.A. (Pedagogy and Preschool Psychology Department,Chechen State Pedagogical University)
  • Gadaborsheva Z.I. (Pedagogy and Preschool Psychology Department,Chechen State Pedagogical University)
  • Azhiev A.V. (Pedagogy and Preschool Psychology Department,Chechen State Pedagogical University)

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