Тип публикации: статья из журнала

Год издания: 2017

Ключевые слова: region, high-tech sector, innovative sector, promising labor market, diagnostics, human resources, staffing needs

Аннотация: The purpose of the study is to develop methodological bases for diagnosing promising labor markets to forecast the staffing needs for the high-tech and innovative sectors of the regional economy. The complexity of the task is in the need to identify intellectual and human resources for promising commodity and labor markets, which currently do not have business customers. Existing methods for assessing the staffing needs cannot fully consider the changes in the strategic priorities for the regional development. As a result, the forecast effectiveness and quality for staffing needs have been reduced. Consequently, despite the high demand in labor resources, territorial, sectoral and professional-skill imbalances in supply and demand exist, thus making barriers to building the intellectual potential of the region.?The authors identified the principles and patterns of changing business needs and professional competencies, relative to the changes in priorities of socio-economic, technological and innovative development of the region. ?The article suggests using the technique of diagnostics to identify the differences in the parameters and components of the demand in labor resources in the promising markets based on quantitative parameters for the regional development, and modeling the redistribution of labor resources of the region between sectors of the economy, in short-term and long-term periods. The combination of quantitative research with qualitative methods of expertise and content analysis of strategic documents for the regional development and innovative projects allowed assessing staffing needs for high-tech and innovative companies up to 2030 and identifying a list of priority occupations and competencies.?

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Журнал: SGEM International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on Social sciences and Arts

Выпуск журнала: 1-5

Номера страниц: 311-320

ISSN журнала: 23675659

Место издания: София

Издатель: Общество с ограниченной ответственностью СТЕФ92 Технолоджи

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