Logical language of certificate-based access control in security models

Год издания: 2017

Идентификатор DOI: 10.1145/3058060.3058067

Ключевые слова: Access Control Model, Access Control Policy Languages, Authorization, Information Flow Model, Logic Functions, Computer circuits, Cryptography, Formal methods, Formal specification, Specifications, Access control models, Access control

Аннотация: Over the last decades, we have seen several policy models, including role-based access control and more recently, certificatebase control. These models are based on the important notion "flow relation". In this work, we present a logical language of certificate-based access control. Our model presents the formal method of reasoning for discretionary access and defines logic to express a discretionary policy. We introduce, instead, material implication widely used in mathematics, and we show in a case study its ease in every sense. We find it allows the policy specifications to be interpreted more conveniently by practitioners and implemented in a simple way. Our evaluation shows that policies defined with material implication can be used for creation of the specification of a trust relationships policy and for checking safety of any computer system. © 2017 ACM.

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Журнал: ACM International Conference Proceeding Series

Выпуск журнала: Vol. Part F127411

Номера страниц: 131-135


  • Kucherov M.M. (Siberian Federal university , 26B Kirenskogo, St. Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation)
  • Bogulskaya N.A. (Siberian Federal university , 26B Kirenskogo, St. Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation)

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